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Depuis 10 ans, CRE Projects & Consulting possède une expertise multisectorielle en matière de stratégies d'entreprise et d'accompagnement du dirigeant.

Les valeurs fondamentales de l’entreprise sont l’engagement, la fiabilité et l’efficacité. C’est pourquoi nous vous proposons un service basé sur vos besoins. Nous sommes votre conseil, votre coach. 


Notre bureau sera votre meilleur allié puisque nous sommes spécialisés dans l’accompagnement de dirigeants et d’indépendants qui veulent améliorer leur gestion stratégique et leurs techniques de communication. Nous vous conseillons pour amplifier votre crédibilité et vous rendre audible dans le but de faire savoir la direction que vous prenez, de susciter l’adhésion et d’encourager l’action de ceux qui vous entourent.





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Vous êtes dirigeant, indépendant ou une personnalité médiatique ?

Amplifiez vos attitudes de communiquant et de figure clé.

Adoptez une posture pour incarner votre leadership et mieux maîtriser les techniques de communication.

Management – Consulting – Coaching – Conferences

Ils nous font confiance
Ils parlent de nous
Nicolas Dantinne
IT Digital Manager

I had the opportunity to work with Charlène on several ambitious projects. She’s always open to fresh ideas and digital strategy has no secret for her. A real top-gun in the Digital Belgiun Sphere, Charlène has a bright mind and clear objectives. Great personality and a lot of smiles also ?

Thomas Paris
MAD Kings
Head of Growth

Charlène is someone you absolutely want in your team. She is extremely focused on the business goal and brings the right people together to ensure smooth execution. Her doer mindset and positive energy make her the perfect driver for any ambitious project. Highly recommended!

Damien Ernst
Cofounder at Blacklight Analytics
Prof. at the University of Liège

I already had the opportunity to work with Charlène on several projects, including a rather difficult one. She is efficient, hardworking and persevering. She brings a lot of original ideas to find solutions to problems. She also has a very modern vision of what a work environment should be and develops the actions needed to transform it.

Leahanne Hobson

I met Charlène about a year ago – during the pandemic. We were in need of new French and Italian speaking Sr. Advisors who could speak with Microsoft, Mitel and other channel partners about their business needs, challenges and successes as well as evaluate their sales processes and the quality against benchmarks of the customer experience they were offering. Charlène stepped right in on Day One. Understood what we were looking to accomplish, embraced the commercial focus we strive for and delivered on time to spec. She even brought along other highly experienced Advisors. Together, we delivered recommendations that influenced FY22 programmes, business directions and new offer launches. Very much enjoy working with Charlène.

Grégory Nolens
CSO & Founder

Charlène was a great professional to work with. We worked together at CERHUM to develop Marketing tools and she helped us a lot to get strategic and mount creative contents. It is so easy to work together with her. She is very flexible, dynamic, positive-minded and proactive.

Vincent Lion
VLC Strategic Digital Solutions

Non seulement des compétences multiples complémentaires, mais avec le sourire et un enthousiasme communicatif. C’est un vrai plaisir de pouvoir compter sur toi Charlène !

Charles Nollet
KOALA Crowdlending Platform

En tant que client de CRE P&C, et heureux de l’être, je peux confirmer les dires de Charlene. Une approche multi-talents, endogène et exogène. Je recommande chaudement !

Kristiaan Pauwels
Business Consultant

During my mission at VOO, I had the opportunity to work together with Charlène in streamlining and prioritizing strategic programs. Charlène is an open-minded and communicative person with an ever positive mindset who likes to reach out to others throughout the organization. Her talent for creativity and originality allows her to combine conceptual thinking with the ability to develop workable and practical solutions.

Manuel Pallage
NSI IT Software & Services

Bright mind. Fast thinker. Out of the box. Solutions minded. Team player. Great personality.

Dominique Mangiatordi
ØPP startup studio

For about 1 year I’m working closely with Charlène on innovative digital projects she drives as Group Innovation Manager. As member of the Board at ØPP, she’s also my partner in crime in building a cutting edge Startup Studio in Belgium. If I had to describe Charlène in 3 words, I would say : energy – empathy – « can do » mentality. Charlène is able to embrace tough challenges and find creative ways to achieve success even if very tough situation or coordinating different people, mindsets, cultures. As everyone around her, I can see on a daily basis how great she is at infusing innovation and change into both small and large teams.

Fabrizio Sgarlini
Banca Aletti - Banco Popolare di Milano
HR Officer

Charlène, nei pochi (purtroppo) mesi trascorsi in Aletti, ha dimostrato un impegno costante, abbinato ad un forte orientamento ai risultati. Il tutto è spinto dalla passione e dall’entusiasmo che ha sempre messo nella sua attività. La sua « solarità » le ha permesso di essere accolta e, oggi, di essere da tutti ricordata con grande simpatia. Charlène, grazie anche alla sua visione allargata ed alle sue esperienze internazionali, ha portato un contributo sostanzioso alla nostra struttura.

Charlotte De Thaye
Directrice Générale

Chères vous deux, ce rapide message pour vous remercier de l’atelier de ce matin ! Ce fut une très belle réussite ; nous en sommes ravies toutes les trois. Mille mercis pour votre accompagnement et votre bienveillance ! Je vous souhaite un très bon week-end 😊